Today's hours:

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Due to the growing necessity for social distancing on-site and the decreasing student population, the Cabaret will be concluding regular operations on Thursday 4/2/2020. 

Beginning on Friday 4/3/2020, the Cabaret will begin a focused service system in which students will email their orders to the Cabaret directly. The Cabaret will be closed off and no longer accept walk-up transactions and will only be providing service to the resident students that remain on campus. 

Students will be emailing their orders, student name and student ID number to this email: prior to 9 am for their 11 am-11:30 am pick-up window and then prior to 12 pm for their 2 pm-2:30 pm pick-up window. 

This will be Mondays through Fridays. The students will be able to enter the Cabaret area during pick up windows and receive their packaged meals. 

With the Cabaret operations off-line on Saturday's and Sunday's, our focus will be to have the students order their meals on Friday's for their weekend needs.